Mrs. Fabs Baby Faves

1.  Everyone loves Sophie the Giraffe, but I had mixed reviews with my daughter when she was teething.  Cade began to show signs of teething right around when Sophie the Giraffe So'Pure Vanilla Teether came onto the market, so I decided to give it a try.  We love it!  The smaller size is great for little hands.  I like to keep it in the refrigerator for a little extra soothing power.

2.  Some babies prefer soft fabric to sooth their aching gums and Angel Dear Blankies are the perfect solution.  The blankets are super soft, come in a variety of colors, and feature a number of animals.  Nubs on the four corners and running down the back are popular chewing spots.  Sometimes I will soak the nubs and put the blanket in the freezer when the little man is super grouchy.

3.  On those extra drooley days, when your baby is spouting spit like a fountain, reach for Green Sprouts Waterproof Absorbent Terry Bibs.  There are a number of color options and while the exterior is soft on your babies sensitive skin, the interior keeps your child's clothes dry.

4.  If your baby is anything like mine, and attracted to all of your pretty dangly jewelry you have got to get your hands on a Chew Beads Jane Necklace.  Made from 100% silicone, the beads are non-toxic and safe on those sweet little teeth and gums.   Not to mention they look great with day to day outfits.  Even my toddler wants to wear them!

5.  Vivi loved the Lifefactory Multi Sensory Teether.  Also made from 100% silicone, this teething ring is easy to hold and has different patterns for little mouths to explore.

6.  Hyland's Teething Tablets are a safe and all natural way to relieve your baby's pain from teething.  We use these very often and provide relief most of the time.  But if your baby has all 4 front top teeth coming in at once turn to trusty infant acetaminophen, and be sure to check proper dosage, as guidelines have recently changed!

7.  I love the entire line of Angel Deal baby clothes, particularly this sweet Angel Dear Urban Coverall in grey and blue stripes.

8.  We have never used wooden teethers but I love the idea.  The Little Alouette Wood Teether Giraffe, is a sweet and eco-friendly option.

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