Menu Planning

Since becoming a SAHM I have tried desperately to reduce my grocery shopping to once a week.  My success rate is about 50/50.  I find that when I use a grocery list I get everything that I think I need, but end up missing those little things needed for a weeknight recipe.  Here is a menu planner and grocery list that I created in order to make those shopping trips more efficient.  The list matches the flow of the store I shop at most often, but I hope it will be useful to you as well.

Download this file for your personal use only, thanks!


Dr. Momma

I have been listening to the rain steadily fall outside our home for the past day, it is so soothing.  Especially since I am quarantined with two sick sweeties.  We have spent the day snuggling in bed, rocking on the glider and watching way too much TV.  It's just what the doctor ordered.

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Fort Worth Fabulous

Dashing to Fort Worth today for a little recharging and birthday shopping with my SIL.  Hoping to visit a few of my favs that I miss dearly.  If you ever find yourself in Cowtown make sure to stop by these wonderful spots, you will not be disappointed!
image via: Simple Things
For culinary delights...Central Market far exceeds any other grocer in town.  The butcher provides better steaks than you can find at most steak houses and the produce selection is out of this world.

For beautiful gifts...head to Lawrence's on Hulen.  A longtime favorite of mine, they have something for everyone.  Vietri, Juliska, John Hart, Kissy Kissy, and Little Giraffe are only a few of the well loved brands they carry.  You will also find something special by new and local designers.

For the little fashionistas...Zoe + Jack is my go to spot in Fort Worth for beautiful clothes for my babes. The extensive selection of clothes for the little gentleman will amaze you, as well as the thoughtful array of gifts for your expecting friends.  Zoe + Jack also offers registry services.

For details for your home...Simple Things recently relocated to Vickery Boulevard.  During college, when I lived in FW, this darling antique and home decor shop provided hours of browsing, swooning over the custom upholstery, decadent linens, and quirky odds and ends.  You are sure to be inspired.

For a fabulous lunch...dash on over to Lili's Bistro on Magnolia, a funky and hip part of town.  It's hard to decide which of the delicious bites to indulge in {I am partial to the Gorgonzola Fries}.  


Year of Organization: Laundry Room

At the beginning of the month I spent some time considering my goals for 2012.  My biggest goal of the year is to become more organized.  Deep down I am an organized person, but not in a neat freak type of way.  In order to accomplish this I have loosely used a few organizational calendars that I found via Pinterest, you can find them here and here.  Knowing myself, I thought the daily tasks were more than I could handle, so instead I decided to tackle my house by month.

January just happens to be the month of the laundry room.  Southern Living created a wonderful list of 10 ways to create an organized, functional, and beautiful laundry room.  I loved their advice so much I thought I would share it here.

1.  Work with the space your given: utilize every square inch and keep your workspace simplistic
2.  Hide the necessary supplies: keep unsightly clutter hidden behind fronted cabinets, add a hanging rod to keep hang-dry clothing neat and use baskets to softly contain laundry to be put away.

3.  Use a serene color palette: calming colors provide a sense of organization

4.  Designate spaces: create separate areas for each activity in a multipurpose room

5.  Camouflage the room: neatly tuck a small laundry area behind doors or create a room in of itself through paint and decor

6.  Conceal with curtains or cabinets: hide the washer and dryer behind curtains that coordinate with the adjoining room.

7.  Utilize kitchen cabinet space: in small spaces, place a compact washer and dryer behind pantry doors to harmonize the space with the kitchen.

8.  Add a storage island: space permitting, a large island provides room for sorting and folding laundry.

9.  Create an ironing station: keep all of your ironing essentials in one convenient space.
10.  Decorate your space: in a spacious laundry room, utilize closed cabinetry and open shelving to show off favorite items and collections.


New Puppy Necessities

There are only a few weeks to go until we get our new puppy.  We are anxious to meet the new little guy and introduce him to the family.  The house must be puppy-proofed within the next month.  Time to put away the small throw rugs and make sure the electrical cords are out of reach for little mouths.  While I get busy with those projects, I'll make sure to pick up these products for the sweet boy.  Of course the two things I am most excited about are the MacKenzie Childs dog bowl and the WagZzz custom dog beds.  Both the pups will be benefitting from those purchases!

1. Dublin Dog Sherpa Dog Collar  2. Mother Nature Beef Stew and Vegetables Dog Treats  3. LL Bean Personalized Dog Leash  4. WagZzz Luxury Custom Dog Bed  5. MacKenzie Childs Dog Bowl  6. Chuckit! Indoor Ball  7. KONG Genius Mike  8. Castor & Pollux Organix Puppy Mix  9. Chuckit! Amphibious Gator  10. Mighty Toy Nature Jr. - Duck  11. Orbee Tuff Ball


Paleo Green Monster

In the weeks before Christmas I attempted to switch to a Paleo focused diet.  I was semi-successful and could feel a noticeable difference in my energy and overall health, but with all of the busyness of the season was unable to fully commit.  Now, with a more open and flexible schedule I have been committing  to making Paleo-practical choices for our family.  A few of my favorite blogs with family friendly Paleo recipes are Everyday Paleo, Paleo Effect, The Food Lovers Primal Palate, and Paleo on a Budget.

With a very opinionated two year old this has been a somewhat frustrating task.  I have always struggled with getting her to eat veggies and try new foods.  She loves broccoli but won't touch carrots.  Will eat Dora edamame but turns her nose up to peas.  And leafy greens are out of the question.  Until I discovered the green smoothie.  I never tried a green smoothie until next week, but knew they were jam packed full of nutrients.  So I gave it a shot after reading a few recipes on Pinterest.  Vivi loves her "green juice" and I am happy to say we have one every morning!  Thus far this is our favorite.

All of the measurements are approximate, just adjust for your taste.  I also suggest putting everything in the blender in this order for the smoothest blend.

1 tablespoon coconut oil
2 handfuls of spinach
1 container of vanilla coconut yogurt
1 cup of orange juice
1/2 cup of water
1 1/2 bananas
a few ice cubes

Blend to your desired consistency and add more or less liquid depending on how juicy you like it.


Haute Tots: Seattle Addition

To celebrate New Year's we took a trip up to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest to visit my family and see old friends.  Our trip was full of day trips and quiet nights at home enjoying delicious home cooked meals.   While we were visiting, I had the idea to start this new series.  I love to dress my kids.  I shop for them more than I shop for myself.  What is it about miniature clothes that is so darn cute.  Haute Tots was born to document some of the cuter outfits that have come around, hope you enjoy!

dress: Crewcuts Girls' Twirltime Dress  vest: ROXY Kids Cuddle Bug Sweater Vest  tights: Gap Bear Sparkle Tights  shoes: Nordstrom 'Micino' Mary Jane  necklace:  mommy's jewelry box (JCrew Factory)  purse: gift
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