TSF Christmas Tree and Giveaway Announcement

My tree has been up for weeks now but I can't help tweaking and perfecting it on a daily basis.  Here are a few recent photos of its current state.  For the record, regarding the ongoing Christmas Tree debate, I prefer a sentimental tree over a themed tree.  That being said, my sentimental ornaments are strictly glass.  I LOVE European glass ornaments.  One of our family traditions is receiving a new ornament each year (or 2 or 3).  So slowly but surely the tree is filling up with beautifully made little works of art.

This year I added green and gold ribbon to the tree.  I love how the ribbon fills in bare areas between the branches and add a bit more color.  I definitely prefer the ribbon to hang vertically rather than wrap around the tree.  It is much easier to hang it this way as well!  I think next year I will find thicker ribbon in bolder colors to add more of a punch.  My favorite ribbons come from Neiman Marcus, but of course they are most definitely out of my ribbon budget.  $40 for a spool is a little ridiculous if you ask me!  Another addition this year, which I could just not get a great picture of, is this sweet santa tree topper by David Strand.  He trained under Christopher Radko and is an incredibly skilled artisan.  I found this beauty at Nicholson Hardie.

Last year I found that stunning glass rose at Neiman Marcus and had to snatch it up in honor of the Frogs making it to the Rose Bowl.  Swans are one of my favorite creatures, there is just something so elegant about their long curving necks and how gracefully they glide through the water.  I loved this swan ornament, also from Neimans, for its long feather tail.  The other ornaments shown were found this year at Pier One and Nicholson Hardie.

Of course there are a few more sentimental ornaments that have been added to the tree this year.  I found this sweet little turtle at Neimans Last Call for Vivi, in honor of her turtle birthday party.  And of course we had to honor Cade's first Christmas with this sweet rocking horse that I found at Lawrences.  We have also collected a new ornament for each home that we have lived in as a family.  I loved this little cottage and it resembles our house, if you kind of squint a little bit.    

Giveaway info...
The giveaway deadline has been extended through the weekend and a winner will be drawn on Wednesday, December 14 at 3 pm.  I am in the middle of planning a party for next week and would like to give more readers the chance to enter!  Right now the odds are pretty fantastic, so if you have yet to enter, do so here!

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