Year of Organization: Bathroom

Last month I began the monthly task of organizing different rooms in my home, beginning with the laundry room.  Conquering our bathroom organization seemed to be the most logical next step, and as expected proved to be quite the challenge.  I don't know about you, but I tend to be a beauty product hoarder.  Want proof?  In 2007 I bought 2 boxes of Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria lotion when it went out of stock.  5 years later, there are still a few bottles under my sink, and those I refuse to throw away.  I suggest performing the purge before you you begin organizing in the name or efficiency!

Keep bathroom drawers organized with new boxes or repurposed tupperware.  Organize cosmetics by category to ensure your favorite shades are easy to find.  If you are a makeup junky like me, I suggest purchasing a carrying case to store your more exciting shades of shadow and lipstick. 
I love the look of a thoughtfully arranged vanity tray, creating the perfect place to lay your wedding rings and go to earrings or bracelets.  Vanity trays are especially helpful in keeping frequently used items within arms reach while controlling the clutter. 
Dont' forget jars for disposable items and makeup brushes.  You can use traditional apothecary jars, mason jars, julep cups, or vintage silver.  The possibilities are endless!
Medicine cabinets tend to get overcrowded and are often an eyesore.  Martha Stewart suggests adding a sheet or precut galvanized steel to keep them organized.  Magnetic containers and hooks will secure small loose items.  Group like items together in small acrylic trays and make sure to purge at least once a year, tossing all expired cosmetics, lotions and potions, and medications.  
Open bathroom shelving has taken off in recent years and is a wonderful way to create a beautiful little bathroom vignette.  
Under sink cabinets can become disorganized very quickly.  Installing wire roll out trays or a lazy susan  helps contain the clutter and makes accessing toiletries easy.  Consider using baskets, planters or urns to store extra towels, toilet paper, and other bulky necessities if you are lacking under sink storage.  
The addition of monogrammed towels to even the simplest bathroom instantly elevates the chic level.  Many companies like Horchow and Pottery Barn offer monogramming for an affordable price.  Make sure your guest bathroom is fully stocked with the necessities and some special luxuries, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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